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The Advantage of Using Quality Components in Ventilation & Heating Systems


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A growing trend has been brought to light within the area of ventilation and heating building and placement, which gives cause for concern. The increasing practice of using ancillary products which are not produced by established manufacturers, puts not only the performance of any system at risk, but also compromises the installers reputation. Cheap imported items can be highly unreliable, failing or becoming faulty and needing to be repaired or replaced by a superior quality product at an added cost. An example of this is, foil-faced tapes, which can often lose adhesive strength soon after being applied. This causes the tape to peel away and result in gaps between things like insulation panels, significantly compromising energy efficiency. Expensive and time consuming repeat visits to correct the fault demonstrate a false economy.

There can be a negative impact for the company with word of mouth recommendations affected. This could mean less business for the installer, inconvenience for the customer and worrying implications for the environment.

More serious and dangerous considerations relate to fire safety. Inferior ancillary components may not come up to accepted standards of performance in the event of a fire, with disastrous implications for the safety of building occupants. Indeed, lack of performance in this instance may allow swift fire escalation, causing many thousands of pounds worth of damage. Competition is a positive force in any industry as long as common sense prevails.

Turn Key Air Conditioning Ltd, use reliable and thoroughly tested products and components in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of a quality range of air conditioning solutions. We deal with world renowned names like Daikin and Toshiba, and we are business solutions partners to manufacturers, Mitsubishi Electric. We have many ongoing contracts with major organisations and outlets such as Superdrug, Wilkinson’s, Best Foods PLC, Luxury Leisure, Allsports Retail [UK] Ltd, The Lab and Coral Estates. An impressive list of successful projects, include supply and installation of all air conditioning systems to the Newcastle Airport International Hotel.

Turn Key Air Conditioning work for and with the customer to deliver complete satisfaction and even offer a lease finance option. We are a virtual ‘one stop shop’ providing a host of services within a single package for a hassle free customer experience. To find out more, visit our website or call the team at our Tyne & Wear office on 0191 438 7410

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