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The importance of High Quality Ventilation Systems

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177An ever increasing aspect of our business is the design, manufacture, installation, service and maintenance of state of the art ventilation systems. We have recently experienced a substantial rise in requests for this sort of work. This is partly due to the fact that many customers prefer to use one supplier for their air conditioning and ventilation. We are also often contracted to carry out purely ventilation work for a variety of applications.

Ventilation in any building has a number of major advantages along with lowering the risk of certain common issues.

  1. A big problem especially here in the UK is damp caused by excess moisture or condensation. If allowed to take hold, this will encourage the growth of mould and mildew, coat windows, damage carpets and get into electrical equipment.
  2. Pollutants and gases within a building are likely to aggravate or trigger health conditions such as asthma. Occupants may feel unwell, develop headaches and find it hard to concentrate, compromising production in a work environment. It is an important requirement to rid the area of these pollutants and provide fresh breathable air.
  3. A stuffy atmosphere means unpleasant surroundings and creates a place where germs could breed and smells linger.
  4. Adequate ventilation will reduce the temperature of any confined space during hot weather and increase comfort, making the working day more bearable.

At Turn Key Air Conditioning Ltd, we incorporate high quality, reliable ventilation into air conditioning and heating systems facilitating a cost effective solution. A comprehensive HVAC system will function efficiently when installed by qualified professionals. Our clients include schools, shopping centres, airports, offices, hotels and many other types of business and organisation.

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