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TK Air Conditioning New Website Launch

TK Air Conditioning is delighted to announce the launch of its new website. This new website has a fresh new concept and a considerably improved navigation structure.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mitsubishi Electric for the co-funding of this website. Within the content of the website you will find details of the various air conditioning products available from Mitsubishi.

The new website contains several new  features:

Client Area

We have introduced a client area, where our clients will be able to access details such as Health & Safety data and product specifications.


We will use the TK Air Conditioning Blog to post updates on our activities, equipment news and issues of interest relating to our sector.

Online Videos

We have commissioned a video to launch the website. Our first video covers the installation of the external air conditioning equipment onto the roof of a hotel at Kings Cross, London. This project is a prime example of the application of our innovative Off Site Manufacturing process. You can see details on the Off Site Manufacturing page

Service Call Out Request

We have introduced an interactive element to the website via the Service Call Out Request feature. Clients can use the online form to provide us with specific details regarding their problem, enabling us to respond quickly and more effectively.