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TK Air Conditioning – A Mitsubishi Electric Business Solutions Partner

Turn Key Air Conditioning are on of the UK’s  leading  providers of air conditioning design, installation and maintenance. We are an independent company who work with all the leading manufacturers of air conditioning equipment in creating the best air conditioning solutions for our clients.

It is not a secret that TKAC are strong admirers of the innovation and quality of  air conditioning technology developed by Mitsubishi Electric. Nor is it a surprise that Turn Key AC are credited with Mitsubishi Electric Business Solutions Partner status.

Mitsubishi introduced the Business Solutions Partner scheme to recognise companies who share Mitsubishi values and standards in three key areas:

Corporate Stability: Turn Key Air Conditioning  have over 1,000 air conditioning systems on contract and have designed & installed air conditioning and heating systems for shopping malls, hotels, office complexes, airports and public buildings.

Adherence to Standards: TK Air Conditioning work to the highest industry standards of health, safety and corporate social responsibility.

People & Skills: With offices and service centres all over the UK, TKAC is committed to the training and professional development of its employees and sub-contractors.

Turn Key AC’s relationship with Mitsubishi is not an academic exercise. It is reflected in the technology we use in designing and creating air conditioning systems for our clients. Mitsubishi’s patented Replace Technology system has been developed to replace damaging and obsolete R22 refrigerants with environmentally friendlier R410A refrigerants. Replace Technology reduces air conditioning costs and minimises disruption to businesses. Mitsubishi Electric’s Ecodan air source heat pumps are recognised by the Renewable Heat Initiative in making a significant impact on energy use and carbon emissions.

Turn Key Air Conditioning turned to Mitsubishi Electric for an air conditioning and heating system for the Premier Inn at London’s Kings Cross St Pancras.  This project saw TKAC install a Mitsubishi Electric high efficiency heat recovery Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) air conditioning system.

Turn Key Air Conditioning commend Mitsubishi Electric’s commitment to innovation and environmentally friendly technology and look forward to a long and healthy partnership.

Turn Key Air Conditioning – A Mitsubishi Electric Business Solutions Partner