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Unicorn Sheet Metal – Precision Engineered Metal Components

Unicorn Sheet Metal Ltd, based in the north east of England, create precision engineered metal components and metal parts for industries across the UK and beyond.

Unicorn have a firm foundation in traditional sheet metal fabrications but they have consistently invested in the latest technologies to give them a clear edge in the market. Unicorn’s latest acquisition is the Trumpf Trumatic 3030: a high capacity 3kw laser cutter capable of cutting metal plate up to to 20mm thick with breathtaking accuracy. With a bed capacity of 3m x 1.5m this piece of kit isn’t just used for the fiddly little components.

Laser cutting offers several distinct advantages over traditional guillotining methods of cutting plate steel, aluminium or other metals. Laser cut components are produced faster and the raw material costs are lower. Unicorn Sheet Metal Ltd use a purpose designed ‘nesting’ technique which when coupled with the precision of the laser cutter reduces waste to an absolute minimum. Savings in time and raw materials are passed on to the customer making Unicorn Laser Cutting exceptional value for money.

Unicorn offer the full range of sheet metal fabrications including milling, machining, MIG welding, TIG welding, bending, folding, tapping, drilling and rolling tubes.

Investment is not restricted to high precision laser cutters. Unicorn use Pearson guillotines which shear metal up to 3050mm long x 6mm sheet and the 120 tonne Press Brake machine can fold tube up to 3m x 6mm plate.

Unicorn clients include the automotive industry, aviation and shipping companies, machine manufacturers, tool makers and even supermarkets. With the skills, the investment and the experience to match, Unicorn are experts in all aspects of sheet metal fabrication.

For further information check out the Unicorn page on the TKAC website or visit them at unicornlasercutting.co.uk.

Unicorn Sheet Metal – Precision Engineered Metal Components