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Turn Key Air Conditioning – Ventilation Installations

Air Conditioning Installation & Maintenance Contractors - NewcastleVentilation: The process of replacing stale air with fresh air. Good ventilation removes unpleasant smells, excess moisture, dust, airborne bacteria, smoke and carbon dioxide. It replenishes oxygen levels and circulates fresh air throughout the indoor environment.

TKAC are experts in the installation and maintenance of effective and energy efficient ventilation systems. We routinely incorporate ventilation requirements into combined air conditioning and heating systems.

Natural and Mechanical Ventilation

Natural Ventilation refers to the flow of fresh air to an internal space through temperature or pressure differentials. The most common natural ventilation methods rely on wind driven systems – through an open window, door or vent – or through convection and the rising of warm air to the top of a building drawing in colder fresh air at the bottom. The disadvantages of natural ventilation systems are that they can be dependent upon wind speed and direction or for pressure systems that they maintain a temperature differential that relies on unequal temperatures throughout the building.

While opening a window may work in the home or smaller workplace, as buildings have grown and the health benefits of a constant flow of clean air has become fully recognised, mechanical methods of removing stale air and circulating fresh air have taken the place of natural ventilation.

Ventilation systems installed by TKAC maintain a constant flow of clean air throughout the building.

Adequate Ventilation a Priority

Adequate ventilation has always been important generally, especially in the work place, and employers are responsible for managing this. A supply of fresh air in the workplace is a requirement by law whether it’s produced naturally or by mechanical means. Ventilation is now a crucial factor in the light of Covid 19, and risk assessments should be carried out to:

  • Identify areas that are poorly ventilated
  • Assess risks posed by aerosol transmission of particles
  • Ascertain the best course of action to improve ventilation

Ventilation replaces stale air with fresh air, without which buildings become susceptible to stagnant air. Bacteria and carbon in this situation can make an indoor area more polluted than outside. Ventilation is the single most important element of any HVAC system, influencing air quality and energy efficiency. Proper ventilation controls odours, disperses condensation and dilutes gases (like carbon dioxide). It is essential that educational facilities and other types of building or indoor environment where many people frequent are well ventilated.

Waste Energy Recovery Systems

Leaders in HVAC, Mitsubishi, are constantly discovering and developing innovative technology. Their LOSSNAY Energy Recovery Systems have been refined and perfected over the last 30 years. Energy costs are reduced with this system as stale air is extracted and utilised to produce warm or cool fresh air. The results of poor air quality are widely recognised, as they lead to low productivity, lethargy and increased employee sickness. Good ventilation ensures that people within either domestic or work settings remain comfortable and safe. Designed in Japan for New Zealand conditions, the Lossnay Fresh Air Ventilation system works by extracting stale air from inside your house to remove damp, odours, dust, bacteria and gasses.

HVAC – Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

When referring to indoor climate control, architects, surveyors and planners may refer to HVAC systems. HVAC is the combination of heating, ventilation and air conditioning which together control the internal temperature, humidity and airflow of a building.

Turn Key Air Conditioning built our reputation on the design, manufacture and installation of state-of-the-art air conditioning systems. In many instances, advances in heat exchange technology have seen the integration of air conditioning and heating into a single, controllable and energy efficient system. Every heating and air conditioning system installed by TKAC has been designed according to the specific needs of the customer.

Everyone understands the function of heating and air conditioning – one warms, the others cools; in combination they control the indoor temperature – the necessity to incorporate adequate ventilation into a building or refurbishment programme is sometimes overlooked.

Ventilation and Building Regulations

Building Regulations now cover ventilation rates as well as the energy requirements and installation of ventilation equipment. These include:

  • Part F Building Regulations – Means of Ventilation – 2010 edition
  • Non-Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide – 2013 edition
  • Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guide – 2010 edition
  • Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide – 2013 edition

The application of Building Regulations and Guidance is made in accordance to the type, function and size of building. This includes specifications for air flow rate, noise levels, performance and monitoring. TKAC are always happy to guide customers through the guidance as it affects them.


While it is technically possible to use a different supplier/contractor to install and maintain heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems, in reality this can prove a costly and inefficient solution to creating a clean and temperature controlled environment.

Integrated heating and air condition systems designed and installed by TKAC are energy efficient and highly effective for maintaining climate control in every environment.

Ventilation capability and requirements are highly important in designing effective heating and air conditioning systems. This is why so many of our clients choose TKAC for the installation and maintenance of their ventilation systems.

TKAC Ventilation Projects

Air Conditioning Installation & Maintenance Contractors - NewcastleTKAC regularly undertake ventilation heating, air conditioning and ventilation projects right across the UK. Our clients include shopping centres, schools & colleges, airports, hotels and supermarkets as well as a host of local and national businesses and enterprises.

Recent projects include ventilation systems for high street retailer Wilko, and for the national betting chain William Hill.

Drawing on our expertise and previous involvement, Premier Inn has contracted TKAC to provide the air conditioning and ventilation systems for their brand new hotel in Newcastle created in an Art Deco listed building.

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