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What are the Benefits of Ventilation

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VentilationThere’s no denying that fresh air is essential for humans in order to survive, and in a perfect world we would all have access to it in its purest form. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for many as we work in cramped offices, and breath in all kinds of fumes daily. Our UK weather also means we spend a fair amount of time indoors in often stuffy atmospheres. For these reasons, ventilation systems are immensely popular whether in the work place or at home.

Ventilation is a process that allows fresh air, usually from outdoors, to circulate, while dispelling stale air from indoor spaces. There are several types of ventilation system including air conditioning, air curtains, air recirculation and air infiltration. Natural ventilation happens when doors or windows are opened to let air in. This isn’t always a practical option due to factors such as extreme weather.

Commercial and industrial spaces particularly need adequate ventilation, as there are typically a variety of pollutants hanging around. Temperature, air motion and humidity can also be controlled by ventilation. Lots of time spent living and working in poorly ventilated areas can be detrimental to health. Good ventilation systems:

  • Control impurities
  • Regulate air
  • Stop condensation
  • Lower temperatures
  • Ease headaches etc
  • Reduce the effects of allergies
  • Disperse virus particles

Ventilation has always been a priority for healthy living, never more than in the last year or so. It has been a major consideration when tackling Covid 19 with the risk of contagion significantly diminished in well ventilated spaces. Bars and restaurants went to great expense during the easing of restrictions to ensure a safe and comfortable place for their customers. Companies that provided verandas, and other outdoor shelters were inundated with orders.

High performance ventilation systems from Turn Key Air Conditioning have been in demand, a trend likely to continue.

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